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#WeDoTourism: How to quad bike like a pro


HAZYVIEW - Since the launch of the #WeDoTourism movement by SA Tourism, Eyewitness News has joined in and put Mpumalanga under the spotlight for the past three days.

First stop in the province of the rising sun is quad biking - like a pro.

Induna Adventures in Hazyview offers trails for beginners, intermediate and expert riders.

For the sake of order, the beginners' trail was up first, followed by the intermediate one.

EWN in Hazyview, Mpumalanga, for some fun #GoodTimesInABox #WeDoTourism #shotleft

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Now below are a few tips, for when you decide to jump on the #WeDoTourism bandwagon:

- Listen and obey instructions of the guides before and during the ride.

- Confidence, confidence and more confidence in yourself will make every challenge the trail presents a walk in the park for you.

- Make sure you fully understand how to drive the bike (once you get the hang of the basics - you can attempt stunts).

- Leave fear at home (even if you are told there are snakes along the trail - big snakes).

- Don't forget to enjoy the refreshing scenery - forests, waterfalls and bushes.

- Embrace the bumpy trail as much as you embrace the flat one.

- And lastly, go at your own pace. This is not a competition; it's time to be one with nature.

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