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Parents of missing teen spend another night without daughter


JOHANNESBURG – The parents of a missing 13-year-old girl, Kitso Mothibe, are spending another night without their child as police continue to raid buildings in central Johannesburg searching for the teenager.

Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba, the JMPD and police raided a hijacked building in the CBD in search of the kidnapped girl.

The child's father, Kabelo, called into Talk Radio 702 earlier on Thursday, frustrated that she's still not been found, three weeks since her disappearance.

The family believes the child is being held by pimps and drug lords in the CBD but Thursday's raids have yielded no positive results.

Mayor spokesperson Tony Tarverna-Turisan says they have increased police visibility in the inner city.

“The MMC for Public Safety confirmed that the JMPD forces out in the streets have been alerted to the missing girl and have her image to look out for her.”

Meanwhile, the mayor believes this incident proves the need for a clean-up of the city centre.

“I made mention of this matter during my 100 days where I highlighted to South Africa that if we don’t do something about this we will pay a serious price.”

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