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Dlamini: Cosatu to discuss next step over Zuma


JOHANNESBURG - Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) President Sdumo Dlamini has told Eyewitness News that the federation will discuss its plans regarding President Jacob Zuma's insistence to hold on to power.

Last month, Cosatu called on the president to leave office, saying that they have lost confidence in him.

But the president has made it clear he is not going anywhere until his term ends.

With President Zuma holding onto the seat of power despite the growing calls for him to step down, Dlamini says the federation must discuss what to do next.

“We’re going to our central committee. They’ll receive a report on that matter, discuss and guide us on the way forward.”

Dlamini also weighed in on Brian Molefe’s return to Eskom, saying he doesn’t understand why the African National Congress has left the matter to government.

“It’s ugly. It’s clumsy. These are the mistakes that cause people to be so worried about the leadership.”

On the alliance, he says it's in the lowest and deepest crisis and that it's sad that the same alliance is fighting each other.

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Dlamini has defended his attendance of President Zuma’s birthday bash last month, despite some affiliates' unhappiness with it.

Dlamini has told Eyewitness News that attending the event didn’t cause confusion about the federation’s stance on the president, adding that he is willing to justify attending the party at Cosatu’s special central executive committee meeting next week.

Dlamini attended the celebration representing Cosatu and told the president that workers wished him the best.

Several unions within Cosatu are concerned that both the appearance of Dlamini at President Zuma’s birthday celebration and the invitation issued to the president to address Cosatu’s May Day rally have left workers confused about the federation’s stance on the president.

Dlamini doesn't think so.

“There’s no confusion within Cosatu. At least there’s no confusion about the decision that Cosatu has taken.”

With some unions saying they will demand answers from Dlamini at next week’s meeting, he says he can explain.

“I can tell you no one has raised their concerns to me. I’m sure I can explain myself.”

He has admitted while the booing of the president has passed, it quite “remains a negative matter that will stick with Cosatu for a long time”.

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(Edited by Zamangwane Shange)

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