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Mahlobo: Violent protests a possible result of SA's violent past


PARLIAMENT - State Security Minister David Mahlobo says South Africa’s violent past could be the reason for the violence that accompanies many of the protests seen in the country today.

Mahlobo’s also accused foreign governments of using local media, NGOs and other bodies to bring about “unconstitutional regime change”.

Mahlobo, who was delivering his budget vote speech in Parliament on Tuesday, did not name the foreign governments.

Mahlobo says that during the struggle against apartheid, people found their voice through protests that often left blood on the floor.

“It was the darkest period in the history of our country. It can also be argued that the violent nature of many protests in our country and the violent nature of certain crime categories in our society today reflect the old violence from which we come from as a nation.”

Mahlobo has also claimed that foreign governments are colluding with local media, NGOs, multinationals and religious bodies to try and bring about regime change.

"During the past year, these countries have continued their efforts, in collaboration with negative domestic forces, intending to undermine our own democratic and constitutional advances.”

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(Edited by Zamangwane Shange)

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