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'Government has failed to build inclusive economy'


CAPE TOWN – Daryl Glaser, head of political sciences at Wits University, says government has failed to build a fast-growing and inclusive economy.

Many experts say South Africa has come a long way since the 1994 elections, but various factors have hindered the type of growth we should be experiencing, such as corruption and poor governance.

The latest Gini index, a study of inequality in countries, has revealed South Africa is in the bottom five of the most unequal countries in the world in terms of income distribution.

Namibia, Haiti, Botswana and the Central African Republic are also at the bottom.

Glaser says many people are still excluded from South Africa's economy.

“On top of that is the problem of state capacity and corruption as the new elite attempt to establish themselves mainly through state resources.”

He says South Africa should be further ahead in terms of economic growth than what it is now.

“Although we have made progress through provision of certain services, if it wasn’t for corruption we would be much further than we are today.”

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