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Deputy justice minister escapes unharmed after being hijacked, dumped in Brits

about 2 hours ago

Tim Noakes ‘delighted’ at not guilty verdict


CAPE TOWN - Sport Scientist Tim Noakes says he is delighted after being cleared of professional misconduct.

The Health Professions Council of SA (HPCSA) launched a hearing after the Association of Dietetics filed a complaint against Noakes for advising a mother to ween her child on low carb and high fat foods on Twitter in 2014.

The inquiry on Friday found Noakes not guilty of negligence or providing advice without sound information.

Professor Noakes maintains his advice was not unconventional.

“So that’s what I was saying; don’t ween your child under process foods, ween the child onto real food that you prepare yourself. That’s all I was trying to say and the science in absolutely 100% that is right.”

The HPCSA’s conduct committee has found there was no indication on Noakes' Twitter account that he was a medical practitioner, or had acted as a doctor.

Committee chairperson Joan Adams adds there was no indication Noakes was discouraging breastfeeding.

The hearing has also found the mother was posing a general question and was partaking in a social media conversation.

Adams has confirmed there was no evidence that the mom and her baby were in any danger.

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(Edited by Zamangwane Shange)

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