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Black Empowerment Foundation unsure about GCIS statement release


JOHANNESBURG – The Black Empowerment Foundation says it doesn’t know how many members it has or how it was able to have its statement released to the public through the Government Communication and Information System (GCIS).

On Thursday, GCIS released a statement on behalf of the foundation, saying it was going to a police station to lay charges against banks accused of collusion relating to the value of the rand.

GCIS only releases statements on behalf of government.

The Black Empowerment Foundation’s Bheki Shezi says he doesn’t know how many members his group has.

“I don’t have a number at hand but we’re growing by the day.”

And he can’t answer whether it’s 10, 500, or 10,000.

“I can’t speculate on the number. If I had the numbers, I would have given them to you already. Like I’m saying we’re growing by the day.”

But he says that doesn't affect their credibility.

“So the credibility of the group is that we’re a group of professionals, it’s not just ordinary people from the streets, it’s a group of educated people.”

GCIS says it released the statement on the group’s behalf because it had asked for help but it hasn’t explained why it’s helped this group and no other group in the past.

(Edited by Leeto M Khoza)

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