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ANC: Mabulu’s artwork inflammatory and in bad taste


JOHANNESBURG - The African National Congress (ANC) says the latest painting by controversial artist Ayanda Mabulu is inflammatory and in bad taste.

Mabulu has painted an explicit portrait of President Jacob Zuma featuring Nelson Mandela.

The ANC says the painting is trying to divide rather than to promote nation building.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation has also added its voice to the growing condemnation of Mabulu's painting, saying it's disturbing.

The artist is known for his sexually explicit portrayals of the president.

The painting has drawn widespread condemnation, with some people saying he’s crossed a line by drawing Madiba in the way he has.


The KwaZulu-Natal ANC Youth League (ANCYL) says not only is Mabulu's latest artwork disgusting, it has the potential to spark violence.

The Youth League says Mabulu's latest piece is a direct provocation… and they’re now consulting their lawyers.

Regional secretary Thinta Cibane said: “We feel after the first time it was done it should’ve stopped, but it has not. If anybody comes into your house or does something of this nature to your father; what is your reaction? Violence is a last form of a resolution, he has pushed us to a corner and when we’re pushed into a corner we will fight.”

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