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Corbyn attacks May’s plan for snap election despite Parly backing


LONDON - With little resistance in Parliament, British Prime Minister Theresa May has secured a surprise election to take place in just seven weeks’ time.

On Wednesday afternoon her proposal of an early general election in June sailed through the House of Commons.

After months of denying the election would be brought forward from 2020, May performed a U-turn on Tuesday arguing her decision was to strengthen Britain’s hand in Brexit negotiations.

May is facing heavy fire for calling the election, especially from Labour's Jeremy Corbyn.

“The election gives the British people the chance to change direction.”

But may argues the moment is just right.

“A general election is the best way to strengthen Britain’s hand in the Brexit negotiations ahead.”

With Conservatives leading the polls, the election's undercurrent will be all about what kind of Brexit Britain will live with.

(Edited by Zamangwane Shange)

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