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DA dismisses claims Cope wasn’t consulted for anti-Zuma march


JOHANNESBURG – The Democratic Alliance (DA) has dismissed claims by Congress of the People (Cope) that it was not adequately consulted in preparation for Tuesday's multi-party march in Limpopo, labelling it 'dishonest'.

The DA was due to lead a multi-party march to the treasury in Limpopo in protest against state capture, but the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) also withdrew from the demonstration.

DA’s Solly Malatjie says the EFF and Cope were both adequately included in the planning for this march and the only reason some have not attended today is because they had logistical challenges.

The congress of the people has withdrawn from the march to the Limpopo Treasury, saying some parties and religious groups have been excluded from the preparation meetings.

However, Malatjie says although other opposition party leaders are not there their members have attended.

“With due respect again that’s total dishonesty from their part because as I said earlier those discussions have taken place.

“Cope for instance, had logistical issues with regard to mobilising their own supporters and providing transportation for them, and that’s, honestly, their only reason.”

(Edited by Leeto M Khoza)

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