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‘Pleas by SABC employees set the tone for new board’s agenda’


JOHANNESBURG - Media Monitoring Africa says the recent pleas by employees at the SABC have set the tone for the new board’s agenda.

Workers in different departments of the public broadcaster have spoken out about mismanagement and maladministration at the SABC.

The workers have also claimed that the broadcaster has lost millions of rands-due to poor managerial decisions.

According to the article, workers in the TV license, advertising and radio departments have complained about outdated systems, workers who have remained temporary for years and positions that have been left unoccupied.

Media Monitoring Africa’s William Bird says workers believe the newly appointed board may be able to make changes.

“We had the inquiry and now the interim board is coming in and people are starting to feel like this is the first time they can talk about just how bad things are and have been at the public broadcaster.”

He says the situation will only get worse if poor financial decisions continue to be made.

Employees have continued to express their concerns about not being paid after reports that the SABC is running on its financial reserves, but management is adamant that all salaries will be paid in the months to come.

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