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Guptas consider legal action against religious event protesters


JOHANNESBURG - The Guptas are now considering taking legal action against the protestors who demonstrated outside the Saxonwold venue where the family is hosting a week-long religious event.

Some people were not able to access the military museum on Sunday, when an altercation broke out between members of the Black First Land First (BLF) Movement and civil action groups.

Police had to intervene when BLF members attacked Johannesburg Against Injustice and Save SA protesters who were holding a silent demonstration against the Guptas hosting the Shrimad Bhagwat Khatha.

Gupta family lawyer Gert van der Merwe says they will be analysing Sunday’s events to determine what damage was caused to the religious discourse.

“If the consequences of the illegal conduct, inappropriate conduct or unlawful conduct of these protesters or individuals caused damages, my client will be entitled to recover those damages.”

The Katha continues until Sunday, with all three organisations vowing to continue their action for and against the family.
(Edited by Winnie Theletsane)

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