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BLSA appeals to all SA’s leaders to stop state capture


CAPE TOWN – Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA) has made what it describes as an urgent call to all of South Africa's elected leaders to stop state capture.

The BLSA has made the statement in a full-page advertisement in some of the Sunday newspapers.

The organisation has sharply criticised the recent Cabinet reshuffle and the events that followed this.

In the advertisement, BLSA has labelled President Jacob Zuma's reshuffle as 'irrational and inexplicable’ saying it has caused a sharp and unnecessary decline in the country's global financial standing.

The statement further says the robust debate that characterised the country's liberation movement is being silenced as those who disagree with Zuma have been vilified and criticised for their opposing opinions.

BLSA claims propaganda, racism and fake news have been used in an attempt to incorrectly reflect the nation's anger with state capture and corruption.

It's appealed to Parliamentarians specifically ANC MPs to take urgent steps to reverse corruption and state capture in order to restore confidence in the economy.

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