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Gordhan: Treasury is being left in good hands


PRETORIA - As a final parting shot and expression of goodwill, Pravin Gordhan says Treasury staff will remain committed to performing their duties and working with the new leadership.

Gordhan and his former deputy Mcebisi Jonas addressed staff at the offices in Pretoria earlier today.

New Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba also paid a visit and held a brief meet and greet the executive committee, which welcomed him to the department.

Gordhan says Treasury is being left in good hands.

“The 1,000 plus professionals committed today as they will be committed tomorrow to make sure they do their utmost best to continue a very proud tradition of managing and maintaining macroeconomic stability in South Africa.”

Gordhan says he hopes Treasury’s new guard will keep the national interest front of mind.

But he says it would have been nice to get a phone call to inform him that he was no longer finance minister.

“It would have been nice to receive a phone call, like my colleagues Derek Hanekom and Ngoako Ramatlhodi, to tell us our services are not required any longer. We had to hear on TV.”

Gordhan says the president’s reason for his dismissal, if the intelligence report is anything to go by, is nonsense.

He says there’s a lot of work for the new ministry to do.

“I hope we will all keep the national interest in mind; our economy is not out of the woods and there’s a lot of work to be done, in both inspiring confidence and getting some local and foreign investments so that we can create jobs.”

Jonas cautioned all South Africans to be vigilant.

“And at the centre of this history that is unfolding is a democracy, in a sense, and economy, in a sense, being undermined by all sorts of things. And some of those are actually a divergence of state resources to serve particular interests.

Treasury director-general Lungisa Fuzile told Gigaba on Friday afternoon that the staff at Treasury do not serve a particular person, they serve South Africa.

(Edited by Refilwe Thobega)

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