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Deputy justice minister escapes unharmed after being hijacked, dumped in Brits

about 2 hours ago

Cops investigating brutal attack at Mitzy’s Biker Pub in Alberton


JOHANNESBURG - Police have confirmed they're investigating after a man was stabbed at Mitzy's Biker Pub in Randhart in Alberton, leaving him fighting for his life in hospital.

CCTV footage has emerged showing the man being stabbed in the eye with a pool cue on Tuesday night.

Eyewitness News is in possession of the footage which includes disturbing images of the point of impact.

[WARNING: Contains violent content]

WATCH: Mitzy's Biker Bar attack

A docket has been opened with the Alberton police.

The clock on the CCTV footage ticks towards quarter-to-eleven on the night.

A fight happens off camera and a man is dragged on the floor to the right of the screen.

A youngster runs across in an apparent attempt to break up the brawl and calm the situation.

He has his hands up but then a burly man walks over to a pool table, picks up a cue and thrusts it towards the young man’s face - it enters his eye and stays lodged in his head as the victim collapses to the floor, apparently unconscious.

The perpetrator walks away while another man runs over to the victim to yank the pool cue out his head.

Police say they were only contacted by the owners of the pub on Wednesday morning and a skeleton docket has been opened as they wait for the victim to regain consciousness.

Several sources have however told EWN they can identify the attacker and he is a well-known debt collector in Alberton.

(Edited by Neo Koza)

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