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Rescue unit, not fire truck sent to Roodepoort crash scene - Joburg EMS


JOHANNESBURG - Johannesburg Emergency Services have moved to clarify that the first vehicle sent to the scene of a collision in Roodepoort on Friday was a rescue unit, which is not a fire department vehicle carrying water.

On Friday morning, one person was killed after two vehicles burst into flames after colliding on Christiaan de Wet Road.

This follows accusations that a fire department vehicle arrived at the scene with no water.

Emergency services say when they arrived on scene and found the vehicles on fire, they then dispatched the second vehicle meant for firefighting.

Spokesperson Robert Mulaudzi says: “It’s unfortunate that the reports portray us as people who are untrained, unprofessional and cannot conduct themselves. But from our side, we just want to reassure the residents that we are capable of rendering professional and emergency services.”

(Edited by Neo Koza)

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