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Rooibos tea could delay, prevent onset of type 2 diabetes


CAPE TOWN - South African Medical Research Council scientists say there's strong evidence indicating rooibos tea has the potential to delay and prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes.

November is World Diabetes Month, which is aimed at raising awareness around the disease.

The council's scientist Nireshni Chellan says one in 14 South Africans suffer from diabetes due to poor lifestyle choices.

“Antioxidants are said to play a big role in terms of type 2 diabetes, because type 2 diabetes is characterised by high levels of oxidisers and inflammation.”

Chellan says diabetic complications have serious complications such as strokes, renal failure or blindness.

“We look at the physiological effects in vivo, but also look at mechanistic models that can determine how rooibos actually has antioxidant effects that lead to anti-diabetic effects. We’ve shown glucose lower in capabilities, lipids lower in capabilities and, of course, the antioxidant effect.”

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)

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