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Tim Noakes tries to disprove nutrition studies


CAPE TOWN - Professor Tim Noakes is disputing and questioning commonly believed nutritional studies, as a hearing into his professional conduct continues.

#TimNoakes says humans wouldn't exist if we did not wean our children onto high protein diets.Noakes is discussing an evolutionary study.IMM

The Banting diet advocate is facing the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) hearing following a complaint about a tweet offering nutritional advice.

#TimNoakes Noakes is saying healthy bones and a healthy brain are not developed by grains or carbohydrates. It's developed by fats. IMM

In the tweet, Noakes advised a mother to wean her child on a low carb/high fat diet.

Noakes seems to be in high spirits as he continues to deliver his statement at the hearing in Cape Town.

Today, the sport scientist has been showing evidence to try to disprove widely accepted nutrition studies.

#TimNoakes He is showcasing a study proving the decrease in iron intake,through meat, have caused lower IQ levels in some people. IMM

He lambasted the belief that whole grain improves a person's health, saying these studies are completely flawed.

Noakes has now moved on to the subject of nutritional ketosis in infants, the issue at the heart of his advice to a mother, which led to the initial complaint against him.

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