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Noakes’s legal team grills expert witness


JOHANNESBURG - The legal team for Professor Tim Noakes is grilling the Health Professions Council of South Africa's expert witness as a hearing into his professional conduct continues.

Noakes faces the hearing because he told Pippa Leenstra on Twitter to wean her baby on a low carb/high fat diet.

This morning, the hearing picked up the debate over whether a doctor-patient relationship existed between Leenstra and Noakes.

The legal team for the professor has been fiercely arguing a doctor-patient relationship did not exist when he advised Leenstra via Twitter.

The argument is that for such a relationship to exist, both the doctor and the patient must agree to treat and be treated.

#TimNoakes Noakes' team arguing that a doctor-patient relationship requires an agreement between the 2 parties to treat and to be treated.IM

A lawyer for Noakes has also highlighted there was debate on Twitter about the tweet in question and Leenstra tweeted Noakes saying she would not be following his advice.

The cross examination of expert witness, Professor Willem Pienaar, continues.

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